Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 8 barefoot Picnic in Portomarine

Leaving that morning we decided to stop in the beautiful city of Portomarine to go grocery shopping and buy food for a picnic in the forest. One of our pilgrims had a lot of swelling in her feet and couldn't walk that day. She agreed to buy the food and have it all ready for us when we arrived there later that day. Out destination was Gonzar, a very small village with a municipal Albergue and a private one where we were staying. 

My feet were sore from walking 22kms barefoot the day before, so I wore my demi-soled Barebottom Shoes and Merryl minimalist shoes over them. When I wore the shoes without them, my feet slid around and it created friction. A perfect environment for blisters. Besides I was still experiencing some tenderness on the bottom my foot where I had the infection a few days ago. I used oil of Oregano to try and draw out whatever it was that seemed lodged on there. Then I covered it with Second Skin to keep other infection out!

A few kilometers before Portomarine we stopped at a shelter that provided benches, a fire pit and a roof for pilgrims who needed emergency cover. 

It was after we left there I told one if the pilgrims about the story of the walking stick that I had received from the old man. We came across a place that offered fruit and drinks, for a donation (or Donativo) and I bought a banana. I ate it while I walked. When we arrived in Portomarine, I discovered that I had lost my stick and through the process of elimination, concluded I left it at that place. I was so sad that I couldn't take it to Santiago and pray for him and his wife.  

wanted to run back and get it! To ease my disappointment, Katherine assured me that everything was perfect as it was. I didn't need the stick to pray for them, I could walk with the intention and pick up Stones for them along the way. Somehow I found peace in that idea. 

Lynn was having some trouble with her foot so she went ahead in a taxi and bought all the food for out picnic as a gift to our group. We sat on the ground, spread out some plastic bags for the good, and we had our picnic. It was so perfect!

The afternoon was long and my feet were sore. I wore my Barebottom shoes to protect the balls of my feet, and still felt the ground with my heels and toes. 

Gonzar seemed to take forever. Some days are slow and others go by so quickly even though the distance is the same. I wonder if my perception changes so easily in real life?


Sue Kenney

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