Friday, May 29, 2015

Day 6 28 Kilometer Day

The weather has been incredible. Around 10 Celcius in the morning and 22 C in the afternoon. Sunny every day and dry.

Everyone is always happy when the weather is good! We sang and laughed together and at the same time embraced the beauty of nature all around us. We talked about the idea of "forest bathing". If you are under trees there is a natural healing benefit. How perfect that we would be walking in the forest that day. 

In the rural villages of Spain, each day the cows are herded to the fields in the morning and back home to the village at night. One of the highlights of our day was stopping for the cows to wanly through the villages. 

We left Samos early to get a head start on our 28 Kilometer day. We broke the day into 2 parts. Since we walk faster and further in the morning, we did the slightly longer stretch to walk 15 kilometers to Sarria. The afternoon was another 13 kilometers to Morgade. The weather forcast was perfect for us. 
As usual, I tried to be barefoot as much as possible. My foot was now perfectly healed and I was in good physical shape. My backpack was a little more than 15 lbs but it fit well it is a Deuter which is  designed for a woman's build. I love it!


Sue Kenney

The next group Camino is in October 2015. We will offer backpack service and all accommodation is booked. Details will be on the website but feel free to email mycamino

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