Wednesday, June 3, 2015

"Sorrow Stones" as Camino Intentions

"It is said if you pick up a stone and put your sorrow into it, when you place the stone down you leave some of your sorrow behind." 
From the book My Camino
by Sue Kenney
The Caminio has given me so much to be grateful for that I like to give something back to it each time I walk. Before I begin a group journey I make an offer to family, friends and even strangers by email and social media by asking to receive an intention from them. It could be for themselves, another person or for the world. 
For each request I receive I pick up a different stone. I put their intention into it by gripping the stone while I walk and then shift the thought to the stone. When the time feels right, I let it go by setting it back down on the path as a way to give it over to the Camino with the confidence and trust it will be received. 
Some of the stones are small and some are big. It doesn't really matter. I just look for the one that is calling to me. Stone is the slowest moving organism on our planet, and by virtue of that, they are alive and so I listen to them. 
There are rock cairns all along the Camino Frances path and as you can see by the picture, pilgrims leave all sorts of odd items like a pair of boots with the toes cut out! There must be a story behind those shoes!
I received requests from pilgrims who wanted to offer peace, healing and love to other pilgrims. One person was under a lot of stress and wanted help to let it go. Another person lost their Mother and asked for help dealing with the grief. 
And there was a request to help people realize their own dreams no matter where they come from, trouble pasts, abusive families etc to change peoples lives! How noble are these requests? Yet another wanted to offer loving support to their son. A fellow pilgrim offered their Intention to release all that is not serving their highest good and find more joy and fun in life.
Along with 50 or so intentions I also received this beautiful prayer of intention from Laure, a woman who would like to walk the Camino one day. This is a special gift and I am humbled to receive this gift.  Muchas gracias.  

"I will meditate and pray:
-for your feet to be safe and healthy, 
-for your legs and hips to support your and carry you gracefully along the Camino, 
-for your eyes to see the beauty of the people you meet and landscapes you traverse, 
-for your ears to hear the wind, the birds and inspiring stories of pilgrims, 
-for your nose to smell the morning coffee, lavender and rosemary bushes, the sunflower fields, the fresh scent of soap and cooked food at the end of a long day, 
-for your mouth and tongue to taste the delights of tapas, wine and tarta de Santiago, 
-for your skin to feel the kisses of the sun, the caresses of the winds, the gentle embrace of comfortable clothing and soothing hug of warm showers, 
-for your third eye to sense all it is you need to sense, and 
-for your heart to love, open and receive."
Many thanks. 
A very special woman wrote about seeing me on Breakfast Television inToronto years ago. "I have followed you since I woke up watching a TV show while going through cancer treatment 7 years ago and you were talking about the Camino.  The TV was on channel 9 which I rarely watch, and I sat bolt upright and knew I was meant to hear your story." She asked to learn the lesson of forgiveness and: May all people see animals as souls to be treated with kindness instead of items to be used and abused."
Several people asked for help for teenagers who were struggling with drugs or emotional difficulties. 
Each day the first stone is for me, then my children and my Mother, then my sisters and brother and them my friends. I continue to pick up stones along the way in my life offering peace, happiness and love to all sentient beings in the world. It is my Camino gift to you. 

Love and light. 

Sue Kenney

The next group Camino is in October 2015. We will offer backpack service and all accommodation is booked. Details will be on the website but feel free to email mycamino