Friday, May 29, 2015

Day 10 Octopus for Lunch - Pulpo

It was a gorgeous day so we stopped to pose for a pic and a Brazilian pilgrim photo bombed us! Gotta love pilgrims. 

We started walking around 8:00am from Casa Domingoon at Pointe Campana. Perfect weather. 
Each day the first stone I picked up was for me. Then I picked up stones for my 3 daughters, my son-in-laws and my 4 beautiful grandchildren. Then I picked up stones for other family and friends, and then I went to the list of intentions I had from people. It was a ritual I repeated every day. 
That afternoon there was a period of time when I felt really down I found myself getting sadder and sadder as the day went on. I decided I didn't want to hold onto that emotion anymore on this Camino and picked up a stone. I put the sadness into it and walked with it for a long time. When I set it down there was a shift. The sadness immediately left and I felt at peace. I left it all on the Camino. Gee, I hope no one picked up that stone after me!!!
I think my favourite terrain is rock. Whether it is in the forest or a stone road, it feels fantastic on my feet with or without Barebottom Shoes. 
Halfway through the day we stopped in Melide to try the famous Galician Pulpo at Exequiel's. We had some Rebiero wine although I never drink during lunch, I had to have some to compliment this delicacy. Not everyone in the group liked it, but they all tried it. As you can see, Jan and Katherine weren't impressed. 
The Octapus is boiled, cut with scissors, drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with paprika. Yummy 
Along the path there are often stalls with fruit, home baked goods and water/juice left for pilgrims. It is suggested that a Donativo be left, which everyone is happy to make. 
We had been walking in the forest for a long time and wondered if we missed the sign to Casa Garea. I happened to notice a wooden sign and turned into the forest to find we were on the right path. We enjoyed time together on the patio and then a pilgrim meal. We had lots of laughs and shared stories of our day. 
Santiago is getting closer. 

Sue Kenney

The next group Camino is in October 2015. We will offer backpack service and all accommodation is booked. Details will be on the website but feel free to email mycamino

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