Friday, May 29, 2015

Day 7 Thistles on the Side of the Path

Today was a relatively easy day with only 17 kilometers to walk and much of it in the forest where the terrain is perfect for Barefooting, my feet adapted quite well, I just kept going without having to put on and take off footwear. A totally freeing experience!  

People often asked me if I had hard callouses in my feet, as that is the assumption. I think I had more callouses when I wore shoes all the time!  The human body is much smarter than we think. The texture of the soles of my feet actually adapted to the terrain I was walking on almost instantaneously. 

For example, if I was walking on pavement,, the skin on my feet became more tough and slightly calloused. On gravel the layer of fat on my sole hardened and sometimes the gravel would stick into it and is have to stop and pull it off.  I love sand and mud. My feet soften in this environment and the fat becomes mushy. 

That day I walked on stone, sand, gravel, dirt and a bit of mud. It was sunny and about 22C so even the weather was perfect. 
The biggest problem I encountered were the thistles on the side of the path. They wound lodge in my foot and is have to stop and pull them out right away as they are too painful. Last year a thorn got stick in the centre of the ball of my right foot when I was walking the Camino. I had nothing to remove it and had to walk about a Kilometer on it till I got to a bar where they had a safety pin that I used to remove it! Yikes. Don't want to do that again. 

I found that I needed to take numerous rests along the way. I would put my NEW Demi-soled Barebottom Shoes that I've been wear testing) on to give my feet a break or when the gravel was large and sharp. They are so comfortable and the leather sole is still perfect for Earthing! I think runners will like them too. 

The best part if the day was having Lynn and Jan barefooting too! They danced and giggled. It brings out the inner child in each if us. 

By the end if the day I was tired and sore. Carrying an extra 15 lbs on my back puts more pressure on my feet. 

I felt calm, at peace with myself, more energized and happy. 


Sue Kenney

The next group Camino is in October 2015. We will offer backpack service and all accommodation is booked. Details will be on the website but feel free to email mycamino

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