Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 2 Barefooting a Bit

Today we walked from Cacabelos to Trabadelo. We stopped for the best Cafe con Leche at Arroyo. I met Victor, the owner a few years ago when he worked at the Albergue next it the church in Cacabelos. He drove our group to his restaurant and we had the most amazing meal. He is now building his own Albergue which should be finished in September. He is only 2 kms from Cacabelos. I recommend you check it out if you are on the Camino Frances after September 2015. 
I find I am still getting used to the terrain and wear my Demi-soled Barebottoms a lot. They give me the same feeling as being barefoot, only the ball of my foot is protected. I had the design in my mind for about a year. It was only because I got a very bad infection in a cut on the sole of my foot, that I made them for the Camino. I didn't think I would be able to walk barefoot at all. Thanks to this design  I'm getting all the benefits of being barefoot, with some protection. They are made of neoprene with a thick leather demi-sole that only covers the ball of the foot. This is the part of the foot that takes the most wear when Barefooting since we tend to have a mid-foot strike. The heels and toes are still bare. They are a perfect shoe to introduce people to Barefooting or for experienced walkers and runners who need some coverage die to long distance Barefooting. 

They also fit under my minimalist shoes and ask as a 'sock' that keeps my feet in place so they don't move around, creating friction and possible blisters. 

I ended up doing about 5kms barefoot today. Many people are curious about why I am waking barefoot. It's a great opportunity to introduce others to it. Can't wait for tomorrow!

Camino Sue

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  1. What's your typical distance per day if you walk for many days in a row? I can easily do 20 km including a lot of up/down but then I need a day of rest, so when planning longer trips I have to take that into account, perhaps split days, walk some in the morning, take a break, walk more in the afternoon.

    And my bare feet aren't the limiting factor any more. I feel it in my knees and my general constitution before my feet feel worn out.