Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 4 Love on Cebreiro

One of my favourite places to stay on the Camino is Fonfria. Angela, the owner is in my documentary film, Las Peregrinas. She was a brand new business women at that time and has just opened her Albergue Reboleira. 
Cebreiro is very special to me. It was on this mountain that I experienced a profound shift in my ability to connect with universal love. I tell the story of My Miracle on Cebreiro in the book My Camino. I especially love walking this mountain barefoot which I did most of the day. 
For several years I have brought sacred sage with me so that I can offer to do a smudge on the mountain for the pilgrims in my group. This day, the group gathered in a circle to protect me as I struggled a bit trying to light the safe in the wind. Once we got it lot, I blew the flame out so the smoke could be used to smudge. 

I explained that the group should face the east, just as the sun was rising, and once they had been smudged it would be a good time to thank the Creator by saying Miigwech Creator. This was taught to me my Sherry Lawson, a dear friend who is from an Ojibway First Nations Tribe in Camada. The ritual was truly a precious moment for all. Miigwech Creator.  
Today I met a pilgrim on her second Camino, named Inge from Belgium. She found my bookmark for My Camino at an Albergue last year. She contacted me to find out how to lead a group and asked if I could agree with her. She has a beautiful group of women walking with her. What a delight it was to meer her at the Albergue in Fronfria that day. 
Throughout the day i walked barefoot as much as I could. I was feeling a lot of pain from a split in my skin that had got infected. One of the pilgrims Jan suggested I try her Oil of Oregano and I did. That day I placed Sorrow Stones for my family and friends. I also left 5 intentions from the list of requests I had. 
The weather was warm and the smell of cow dung permeated everything. Fortunately, I no longer find it to be repulsive. Instead the smell brings back good memories of walking the Camino. And following yellow arrows reminds me of my first Camino in the winter of 2001. 


My Camino Book

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