Monday, June 1, 2009


We arrived at about 1:30pm this afternoon. It´s hot and sunny here so it was a more difficult day than we had imagined. We thought we only had 15kms to go but they always leave out the extra 2kms it takes to walk through the city.

Everyone is in good shape. Paul walked slowly because of the horrible blisters mostly on his pinky toes, though he kept up with the group the entire way. Linda was a real trooper. She took each step with intention and a big smile, sending lots of love to everyone she met along the way. Don´t know what we would have done without Vanda to translate. (Well there´s always my englo-span-french dialect complete with hand motions and a big smile!) Even though she had some blisters, they didn´t stop her from putting one foot in front of the other and always being aware of needs of the people around her and ready to help in any way. Wendy never complained about anything. Carried her purple umbrella with style to keep the sun off her and it seemed to work. She always had something funny to say when we least expected to find a laugh. Sarah wore green again and kept a big smile on her face the entire way. This was truly an amazing group of pilgrims who I would walk with again, any time.

We had to take a taxi yesterday. Yes. We walked past the exit to Arca and 4.2kms out of our way. There was no accomodation for another 8kms. A kind woman in a house nearby called for a taxi. We ate and stayed overnight at the Ultreya private albergue (Linda calls them Albequerque´s!) and taxi´d back to the same spot this morning.

We are meeting for tapas in 15 mins so I´ve got to run.
Ultreya! (onward)