Monday, November 28, 2016

Camino Documentary - Las Peregrinas...the women who walk Camino document...

They say that your journey begins when you commit to go on the Camino. Congratulations to all of those who made that commitment this past weekend as it takes courage. I look forward to walking with all of you. Here's a clip from a documentary film we did quite a few years ago, Las Peregrinas 2006. You might recognize Mony Dojeiji and her wise words in the opening of this clip. Mony was an integral part of the making of this film and offered so much wisdom to the pilgrims in our group. It seems like a lifetime ago that we made this film with Bruce Pirrie. 10 years later we are both still doing our life work focussed on the Camino, pilgrimage and peace. How perfect life is. Love and light,Sue Author of Canadian best-selling book My Camino presently in development as a feature film. Facebook My Camino/SuseyaTwitter CaminoPeregrina

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