Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Feel Good Fast - Day 1 Living without Cafe con Leche

My Camino is a blog about the stories of walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain and it is also about my way back home which includes the journey back to my authentic self. I have been integrating the Camino experiences into my life for 11 years now and I want to share more of this journey with you in other ways, such as Mindfulness and Barefooting.

Today, I'm beginning a 21 Day Feel Good Fast. No I'm not starving myself, rather I am practicing mindfulness, with a dash of hands on healthy eating, living and being Barefoot!

In May she is offering not only 21 days of ideas about what to eat and what to delete from your diet, she's sharing her recipes! Last week I made the decision to give it a go. I'm doing a trial run for Moira to sort out any kinks and share my experience with you. Here we are in a short video having some fun after an interview. I Love Barefooting!It's I plan on  being more mindful about everything I put into my body. This I can't do alone cause I always cheat! My dear friend and chef Moira Nordholt, who has had one of the best organic vegan spots in Toronto for over 3 years called Feel Good Guru, is my guide.

Yesterday I went shopping at Fiesta Farms and especially the The Nut House to buy organic and fresh products. I cleaned out my fridge of anything that doesn't fit into this way of eating and now I'm ready to begin.

As a barefooter, I honour the value the Great Mother Earth has on our life, offering food, water, earth and the air we breath. It's been a mindfulness practice for the last 4 years . In May I'll be leading my 13th group on the Camino to walk 225 kilometers (mostly barefoot) and I'm also training for a 50 kilometer ultra run July 2 in Hector, New York (mostly barefoot too!).

Day 1

No cafe con leche.

I love my morning coffee organic, free trade and freshly ground. I prefer soy to milk but when I am in Spain on the Camino, I will have milk. How will I live without coffee?

"Try Teeccino," Moira says. I did and it's good. Not great, but good.

Before I made coffee it I went out for a 7am run in the snow! 45 minutes with some hill training. Had to wear minimalist shoes today as I have a split on the side of my foot and it really hurts if I step on anything. Tomorrow I will tape it up. I live on the lake and came home to this beautiful view of a very rough lake and snow falling.

Next I made a fresh green smoothie for breaky and enough for 2 days. Yummy.

I'll wait till some sun comes out to go for a barefoot walk.

Lunch is a salad and dinner is Fava beans and green veggies. I could live on legumes so this is easy for me.

I Feel Good already Moira!

Be sure to check out Feel Good Fast at
Where is my Guru?
Starts May 1, 2016.

Love and light,

Author of Canadian best-selling book My Camino and designer of Barebottom Shoes, the first ever truly soleless shoe for barefooting, yoga and dance.

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