Sunday, September 27, 2015

When I walk the Camino, I walk for the world. 

In one week I'll be on my way to Spain to walk the Camino with my lovely group of pilgrims. It is such an honour to return to the path that had a profound shift in my life. On my first journey in 2001 I learned that I could pick up a stone along the path of the Camino and put my sorrow, or the sorrow of others, into it. When I set the stone down, I left the sorrow behind and it opened my heart for more love. I'd like to offer to pick up a stone for you. If you have a particular intention (it doesn't have to be sorrow)you would like me to put into the stone, I will set it down on the path. You can post your intention here or PM me at if you prefer confidentiality. Read about the Sorrow Stone Story in the book My Camino or here is a blog about the stones I picked up while on the May 2015 group Camino.…/stones-as-camino-inte…

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