Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Contrary Way - Day 14 Meseta Madness

The Contrary Way - Day 14 Meseta Madness

Walking today, my head hangs down the weight of it pulling me deeper into my mind. It reminds me of the times in my life when I wanted to quit something, throw in the towel and give up. That doesn't happen very often, but today I could give it all up. Why am I walking again? Some people back home have said that they think I should put the Camino behind me and find something else to be passionate about. What am I trying to prove or not? Why am I putting myself back in a situation where I am forced to look closely at life. Can't I just be content with where I've gone on my journey so far? Can't I just be grateful for that?

I stop and go pee in the grass. I walk. I ask questions. I wait for answers. I walk. I ask for guidance. I hear nothing.

They say you can lose your mind on the Meseta. It's a stretch of land that is flat and covers about 200 kilometers. Like walking through Saskachewan or Kansas. Wheat field after weight field. I think I'm losing my mind. Too many thoughts. I begin sounding Mother Earth. Using my voice, I free up my judgments about everything in my mind and open my heart to her. From the ground a deep tone hovers around me like the fog when it sits above the water. Eeary, yet intriguing. I want more. My chest verberates with the low powerful sound leaving my body. I know that I'm holding space for peace, love, and healing.

A pilgrim approaches. Another man with icy blue eyes that look directly into my soul. He proudly announces that he has walked from Le Puy, France and before I can respond he starts talking to me about the Alloette bird. He said that it only sings as it flies straight up into the heavens. That was my answer. Expoding with gratitude, I thank him for the story and we part.

Holding my head up as I walk, I sound the earth. My voice carries into the heavens and I'm like the bird singing as I soar straight up to the heavens with purpose. My perspective shifts, ever so slightly. From there, I can see that I'm on my path. I know this is my way. I have chosen to do it and it makes me happy. I am a pilgrim. I walk. I am happy.

Ask yourself if you have choosen who you are being in the world? Or did someone else choose it for you? It doesn't matter, either way, except if you are unhappy.

Be. Do. Have.

What do you want to be right now? A dancer? A writer? A coach? Love?

If you are being that, what action will you take? What will you do? Dance. Write. Coach. Share.

What will you have? Peace. Happiness. Love.

How perfect is that?

Tomorrow is about Intentions.


Love and light,


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Go outside and lift your head to the sky and sing. Explore what comes through your voice.

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