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Day 5 - The art of self-love.

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Day 5 - The art of self-love.

Before leaving for this Camino, a Native friend of mine gave me a fabric pouch filled with Buffalo Sage, wooden matches and a small white shell that looked a lot like a scallop. She told me that it was given to her but not to keep. She gave it to me with a message that I had enough sacred sage to do my work on the Camino. I wondered what was in store for me.

The night before I slept on a gym floor in Portomarin. Standing at the side of the path that day, I'd decided to do a smudge with the next person who came along. A woman stopped to talk. She was Danish and had walked from St Jean Pied de Port. She was very grounded, her eyes were deep and the veil to her emotions was thinned. This pilgrim look was familiar to me. Out of the blue, she showed a necklace she was wearing. It had a White Buffalo hanging from it. It was perfect so I asked if she would like to do a smudge with me and she agreed.

We faced east. I lit the sage and then blew out the flame. "Miigwech Creator," I said. I presented the smoldering sage to her. She washed her hands in the smoke then gathered it to her eyes. "Clear your eyes so you can see from your heart." She then moved the smoke to her ears. "And your ears so you can hear from that place of love," I said. "Now your voice." She smudged her mouth and neck. I moved the smoldering shell to her heart. She paused and then gathered the smoke to her heart. "Clear your heart so you can love from love. Then I smudged her entire body including the soles of her feet. I suggested she look to the east and give thanks to the Creator. Then she did the same to me. When we finished we both hugged each other and extended our gratitude. She left to walk one way, I walked the other. We were both filled with love.

As I walked that day I practised the art of self love. I imagined that all the love of the universe was available to me. I opened my heart and my physical body to receive it. I smiled, cause that's what you do when you are in love. My step became lighter and bouncy. (even with a backpack)
My body felt alive and vibrated at a high energy. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I was in love.

It's not selfish love I'm talking about. If we consider the universal law that we're all one and in order to love others we must first love ourselves, then it's easy. If we convince ourselves of the idea that it's only about us, only about loving ourselves, then we have a long road to walk.
I was begining to see that this journey was going to be about understanding universal love.

Do you think it's possible that if we love ourselves we are loving all of the universe?
How do you love yourself?

Tomorrow is about sounding the earth.

Love and light,

PS Read about Sue's experiences when she was given a Sacred Eagle Feather by her friend to take on the Portuguese Camino in Confessions of a Pilgrim.

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  1. I have struggled with self love and self sacrifice for most of my adult life. Helping others and suddenly finding much later a touch of resentment eating away. That resentment comes from my seeing self love in the wrong way. I have very recently found Loving Kindness meditation and am trying hard. Perhaps I should stop trying? You have added something to my search. Thank you Sue.