Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4 - Having an open mind.

The Contrary Way
A 30 Day Inspirational Guide to the journey back home.

Day 4 - Having an open mind.

Easier said than done. Like life, there are so many different characters on the Camino it's hard not to start judging them. Because I was walking the Camino the reverse way this time, all the pilgrims walked toward me and I could clearly see their faces. On the fourth day of walking, we were quite close to Santiago so the pilgrims were very excited about getting close to their destination. I tried to look at each of the pilgrims individually and smiled at them. I greeted as many as I could saying, Buen Camino (have a good way.) and they responded in kind. It took a lot of discipline not to comment on them in my mind.

I believe that in order to experience something in life, we must first have an open mind. From that place, there is the possibility that something extraordinary could happen. If we have a closed mind then we cut off the possibility to see from a new perspective. We choose either. One is not right or wrong. I had choosen to have an open mind but was struggling to keep it free of judgments. I walked, a little discouraged that I wasn't sure why I was being shown the face of the pilgrim. In an effort to be open I practiced giving each pilgrim love without condition, one at a time. Now that's a discipline.

Who have you loved today?

Tomorrow is about the art of self-love.

Love and light,

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  1. Hi Sue. I enjoyed your post. Two years ago I walked backwards along some of the Finisterre route and got many confused looks and helpful suggestions to turn around! Great fun! Buen Camino! Padraic.

  2. Yes, I had many people try to direct me to go the other way. I love being a little contrarian though. Keeps people on their toes.
    Enjoy the journey, pilgrim.