Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3 - Wear comfortable shoes.

The Contrary Way
A 30 Day Inspirational Guide to the journey back home.

Day 3 - Wear comfortable shoes.

On Day 1 you confirmed with yourself that you made the choice to be on this journey. Be sure to write it down so you don't forget what you are being. ie I am a pilgrim. I am at peace. I am a writer. etc. In my journal I wrote several other intentions for this walk. I practiced being these things while walking. Then you checked out what's in your backpack. It doesn't matter whether it's life baggage or clothes. What's important is to observe what you are carrying? We are walking almost 800 kilometers in 30 days and you don't want any extra weight.

On this Camino I was wearing the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. On the second day of walking I stopped by a stream and took off my boots and socks to air my feet. There was a pilgrim named Lena from Sweden sitting there. I put my feet in the cold stream and forgot that the water was softening my skin. We talked and talked. Lena was at peace and very happy to be almost finished her journey. I was anxious because I was at the beginning and didn't know what was in store for me. After a long rest I put my boots back on and we parted. Within an hour of walking my feet were burning. I took my boots off again to see that blisters had already formed. There was nothing I could do now but deal with it and keep walking. An old lesson is new again.

As you walk this life journey be sure to care for your feet. With each step taken, you create the possibility to get closer to yourself, but you must take each step. You can't miss any. If you do chances are that you will have to go back and walk them later in life. If your feet are blisterd or they hurt, you can still walk but it's not as much fun!

My advice is to wear comfortable shoes, take care of your feet and keep walking.

Love and light,

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