Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1 Choosing to be on a journey.

The Contrary Way

30 Day Inspirational Guide for the journey back to yourself.

Before we can accomplish anything in life, we first must choose. Sometimes we make the decision or it's made for us, but in the end it is a choice. Have you chosen to be on this life journey? If you haven't, chances are good that you will be walking around in circles and won't go anywhere.

The night before I left Santiago in June 2010 to embark on yet another pilgrimage on the Camino, I remember questioning my choice. "Why didn't I just go on a cruise to continue on my spriritual path?" I asked. My Answers were clear. I don't even like cruises. I love to walk. I love to meet pilgrims. I love hearing and telling stories. I am at peace with nature. I am called to retrace the steps I took 9 years ago to complete my journey back home. Most importantly, I am a pilgrim. It's something I am being in the world. Walking is what pilgrims do.

Have you asked yourself what are you being in the world? Are you being a Mom? Are you being a Teacher? Are you being a Neighbour? Are you being a writer? Write down what you are being right now and then write down what you want to be in the world. You don't have to do anything yet. Just close your eyes and imagine being that and it happens. It's magic.

Today you can start a journey back to yourself by being whatever you choose.


Love and light,


Tomorrow: How heavy is your backpack?

Sue Kenney is the author of the Canadian Best-selling book My Camino

presently in development as a feature film.

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  1. I am coming with you, in spirit at least. This looks a great idea. I shall probably never walk the Camino again, sadly I am now disabled. But it is that condition I am finding hard to integrate. Hopefully, Sue, my walk with you will help. Ultreya

  2. Great. It's funny, when I walked this Camino I walked it for the world. Now I am writing about it, and we are walking together. One step at a time. Buen Camino, pilgrim. Nice to have you on the path. Feel free to write and express your experiences so that others can learn from you.