Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Contrary Way - Day 7 Getting lost.

The Contrary Way

An Inspirational Guide to the journey back to yourself.

Day 7 - Getting lost.

My apologies for not writing recently. My life took a turn off the path and I had to find my way back onto it.

On the Camino, the yellow arrows were difficult to find because I had to always look behind me to see if there was an arrow directing pilgrims to walk in the opposite direction. If it was pointing the wrong way for me, then I was on the right path. It reminded me of being in a rowing shell and trying to figure out what side I was on. I could easily recall the rule that port was on the left side because they are both four letter words. When you're facing backwards though, port is on the right. Walking the Contrary Way is like facing backwards on my journey. I'm constantly looking back to see where I came from. My directions are messed up. It's a constant discipline to stay focused on the forward direction I am walking and yet be aware of the path I walked in the winter of 2009.

Ask yourself...What is being lost? Is it just another way to get where we are going? Is it a choice? Is it okay to be lost?

I think it's impossible to be lost on our earth or on our way. Let's face it, there's gravity. We can't go anywhere but on this planet. On our life path, wherever we are is always perfect for the moment we are in. Fortunately we were gifted with free will so we have choices.

I love opening possibilities for something to happen that I couldn't even imagine. I remember a Picasso quote that is something like this, "If you know exactly where you are going, what's the point of going there?" I don't want to know everything when I set out on a journey and the Camino is a perfect platform for practising life. I want to be surprised, to explore, to make choices and to learn to trust that I will be guided.

This journey on the Camino allows me to constantly loose my way and then find it again. It reinforces the idea that I can always get back on my path, with the help of others, no matter where I am in my life. I choose this journey.

Go for a walk without planning where you will end up or how much time you take. See where your journey takes you and go back home. Don't try to analyse it or explain what happened, just observe it. Be an observer of your journey.

Ask yourself: Did you choose this journey?

Next...ground rush.


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  1. I like your Pablo Picasso quote, Sue. It fits somewhat my own spiritual journey at the moment. I know I am going but am not really planning much. I find great fun and energy in surprises.

    Thank you.