Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Contrary Way - Day 10 Keeping a promise.

The Contrary Way
An Inspirational Guide to the journey back to yourself.
By Sue Kenney

Day 10 Keeping a promise.

Up until this point of the return journey I hadn't actually committed to walking the entire 800 kilometers. I had lead a group from Villafranca to Santigo and we stayed in the holy city for a few days. They went home and I started walking. I thought maybe I would just walk back to where I started with them. That day I had a decision to make: to continue al contrario to St. Jean Pied de Port or stop in Villafranca. I stood still looking up the mountain to the Duoro Route through the chestnut forest when I heard a couple of women laughing and talking. I wanted to meet them so I waited. They came down the mountain and saw me right away. One of them asked if there was something wrong. Her name was Sarah and her friend was Jill, from Australia. They had walked from St. Jean Pied de Port together and we good friends. We shared stories about the Camino. They were really intrigued about my idea to write a Guide Book for the journey back home from the Camino. Jill said that there was a ton of information about how to prepare for the journey, but she was quite concerned that there was nothing to prepare them for the route back home...back to themselves. I promised them I would write it.

Sarah asked if I was walking to Sahaughan. In my mind I knew it was almost 200 kilometers away. I hadn't decided whether I would walk that far or not but I had to answer her. I blurted out, "Why?" She put her hand into her pocket and took out a one Euro coin. She handed it to me and asked me if I would give it to the cafe owner at the Sports Centre on the left before the bridge as you enter the city. I was stunned. I didn't want to get in the way of my life and yet I wanted to control. I trusted the Camino enough to know that it would deliver what I needed, not what I wanted. I wanted control. From my experiences on the Camino I had learned that if I controlled a situation then I reduced the possibility, that something I couldn't even imagine was possible, could be created. I still wanted control.

I tried surrendering. The words fell out of my mouth, "Of course I'll deliver this for you." She smiled, said "Bon Camino" and thanked me to doing her this favour. She had promised the owner that if she found a pilgrim walking the other way, she would send the money back. I was that pilgrim and I promised to deliver the Euro.

Tomorrow is about walking as a state of being.

Love and light,
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  1. Great story, Sue! Perfect in fact. Thanks.

  2. Clair, so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks. Sue