Saturday, May 30, 2009

Many days of walking

We walked through rain and sun with only a few internet cafes, some that didn´t work. As a group we don´t get going on the path until around 9 or 9:30am after breakfast and cafe con leche. We tend to walk until 7 or 8pm at night. Last night as we arrived into town and as we passed the full municipal albergue, the pilgrims waved throught the window at us like we were some kind of a parade... some even took photo´s of us. I suspect we are a bit of a novelty on the Camino telegraph. We are laughing at everything. Take many breaks. We sleep in and walk at our own pace, behind everyone else!!

Paul has really bad blisters. Vanda has a couple of small ones. We did blister surgery this morning and they seem to be fine. Wendy is using a purple umbrella to keep the sun off her. Sarah tends to dress in green so she´s easy to find on the path. Linda is almost always last although Paul is just ahead of her. This is an amazing group of people to walk with. I´m loving it!!!

We only have 52kms to Santiago now. Just finished lunch in Melide. Had pulpo (octapus) Wow.
Will try to write more soon.

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